Individual Kindness (Thoughts Post-Election)

Last night was momentous. Today? It was as if I had woken up in the wrong place and the wrong time after a huge mistake or a bad dream. And all the distress, horror, and disappointment washed over me.

I cannot completely understand how and why, but to Trump’s supporters, congratulations. You got what you wanted. But me? I am afraid, terribly, terribly afraid–and I know that others’ fears are even greater than mine. Jokes aside, we have a man whose power is based on the installation of hate and fear in what should be a nation of unity in diversity becoming our president. We have a man who expresses racism, misogyny, white supremacy, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and all other forms of bigotry frequently, blatantly, and actively. And if this is who America has elected, maybe we are not as progressive as I had thought and hoped.

But this reflection of the States does not and should not be a reflection of who you are. One man, or two hundred, can never truly represent you. Please remember that the purpose of our government is to preserve our individual rights. Please remember that we ourselves must treat and love others with care and decency and preserve our individual kindness. It is all we have left.

To my fellow vulnerable Americans, please stay safe.

Be upset, be angry, do not let anyone invalidate how you feel.

Be there for each other. In a country in such a divided state, we must stick together.

Be compassionate. Hold your loved ones close for as long as possible and offer lots of hugs and love. We need that.

Be passionate. The fight is not over.

Be hopeful. The sun will rise and we will try again, even if it feels like we are living during an eclipse. We are the future, and we will slowly achieve the peace, love, and tolerance that we can only dream of at the moment.

Belong. I know you do, and you know you do. Do not let the bigots take away your sense of being.

And, finally, be kind. Please, please do not forget to be kind.



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